What we know...

What do we know so far about the 2011 cruise?

  • It will be May 12 - 16. [An extra day!]
  • It will be on the Carnival Destiny. [A bigger boat!]
  • Tickets go on sale Friday through Comcast. [Anything is better than before, right?!]
  • Stops in Half Moon Cay and Nassau. [Side note: the Carnival website is selling a May 12 departure on Destiny that goes to Key West and Cozumel. Go figure.]
  • If you cruised last year, you should have your presale link/password from an email that was sent last week. Past cruisers get a 5 hour "head start" on booking.

What we do not know - unfortunately - is the price. The announcement from NKOTB said cabins start at $699. Everybody has been comparing pricing to the Backstreet Boys cruise, since they are on the same boat and the same duration, but their cabins started at $739. Does this mean our cruise prices will be less expensive than their prices, posted here? If so, that would make the 2011 cruise less expensive than the 2010 cruise, which I am not really willing to count on but would be pleasantly surprised by. I guess we will have to wait until Friday to see!

Anything else we already KNOW for sure? Share in the comments and I will update.

Let's cruise this!

As Joe would say, "Here we go again!"

Before we get started on cruise info, let's chat about this blog.

What this blog is/will be:
1. A collection of information - a resource for anybody who wants to read it.
2. A place to share photos, stories and memories from past cruises and hopes for the 2011 cruise.

3. Inclusive. PLEASE send me any ideas you have. Wanna be a "guest blogger?" Get writing!

What this blog is NOT:
1. Affiliated with NKOTB. I do not have any inside information.
2. Negative. The end.
3. Rumorville. I will try to filter through the "I heard from a friend of a friend..." information and only include legit info.

Also, this blog will constantly link to http://nkotbsummer.blogspot.com/, because - let's be honest - it rocks. [Thanks Katie!] I know how grateful I was to have that blog when I was preparing for the 2010 cruise, so I will try to do the same!